Answering critical needs

At Horizon Aircraft our sights are set beyond simply flying a couple of people to an airport or making commuting easier for a select wealthy few. Instead, we want to make a positive contribution to people’s lives,by developing and manufacturing this revolutionary aircraft to meet true regional transportation needs. With its anticipated flexibility, speed and extraordinary range, the Cavorite X7 is ready to be used in several vital sectors.



Securing medical services

The Cavorite X7’s agility, capacity and cabin configuration enable the medevac of seriously injured patients from accident sites or isolated areas to a hospital up to twice as fast as a conventional helicopter. It can also ensure safe, swift transfer anddelivery of organs and time-sensitive medication, as well as carrying other crucial medical supplies.


Redefining disaster response

Catastrophic weather is a growing threat to many regions around the globe. The X7 offers a prompt, effective complement to state and federal operations through search and rescue missions and supply delivery to zones affected by tornadoes, hurricanes, landslides, storms, floods, or forest fires.


Crafted for commercial convenience

In addition to its suitability for inter-city business or personal travel, the Cavorite X7 has the safety and range to provide shuttle and transportation services, plus time-sensitive cargo and goods delivery in underserved, remote regions.


Made for municipal missions

The Cavorite X7 offers a cost-effective, nimble alternative for an array of applications – from traffic observation and control, investigative usage, emergency surveillance, missing persons in the wilderness, helping to monitor crowds and circumstances at special events and co-ordinating evacuation in anticipation of catastrophic weather conditions.

Future-focused sustainability

Evolving technology to lower emissions

The Cavorite X7 is a hybrid electric aircraft, but that won’t always be the case. We’ve chosen this system to meet today’s needs while cutting greenhouse emissions compared to traditional aircraft conducting similar missions. But even all-electric aircraft aren’t completely emissions-free. Most of our competitors have more than 2,000 lbs of lithium batteries powering their aircraft. Modern battery manufacturing consumes large amounts of energy, toxic chemicals and immense amounts of water. For every metric ton of lithium mined, 15 metric tons of CO2 are released into the atmosphere.[1]
However, battery technology is improving rapidly in terms of both energy and power density. And of course hydrogen remains an interesting possibility as logistical challenges are met with innovative solutions. The Horizon Aircraft team is monitoring both of these possibilities and is charting a path for an even more sustainably powered future. 

[1] Earth.org, “The Environmental Impacts of Lithium and Cobalt Mining,” https://earth.org/lithium-and-cobalt-mining/, accessed 27 Oct 2023.