Real world ready.

The hybrid eVTOL that aims higher.

A hybrid that aims higher.


Max Speed


km range
with reserves


+ 1 Pilot


Patented fan-in-
wing design

Designed to weather it all.

Prepared to perform the most challenging operations.

The Cavorite X7’s patented HOVR wing design enables safer, more durable performance in the most forbidding conditions.

Its advanced hybrid power system enables flight with longer ranges and higher speeds. Onboard generator for self-charging before and after flight.

Making a difference to lives, businesses, communities and the planet, Horizon Aircraft is aerospace innovation with a higher purpose.

Inspiration takes wing

Vertical takeoff, conventional flight.

Hybrid-powered efficiency with the range, speed and capacity to transform regional transportation.


Built to serve

A versatile aircraft designed with the adaptability to fulfill an array of real-world needs.

The Cavorite X7 prototype will carry one pilot and up to six people with as much as 1,500 pounds of useful load. 

Delivering critical medical supplies to remote communities.

Enabling the medevac of injured patients to a hospital nearly twice as fast as a traditional helicopter.

Responding to natural disasters more promptly and effectively.

Engineered for the future

Powered by an advanced hybrid electric power system, the Cavorite X7 will burn less fuel than a traditional aircraft conducting similar missions. As battery technology continues to advance, we expect to transition to fully electric flight.
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