Learn About the X3 Aircraft

Powered by two advanced electric motors, coupled with a range-extender high efficiency gas engine, and designed around system redundancy, the X3 represents the next generation of aircraft.

  • A Cleaner Future

    Hybrid electric means lower emissions

  • Complete Freedom

    Amphibious aviation is flying
    anywhere you can imagine

Dramatically Reduced Noise Signature

On electric power, the X3 is nearly silent. With increased noise regulations being enforced around many airports, the X3 represents the next generation in noise pollution reduction.

  • Power That Rises Above

    700 hp | 200 mph | 800 NM | 1,000 lbs useful load

Incredible Performance

With 700 max horsepower delivered by two advanced axial flux electric motors, power is instantaneously available at any time and at any density altitude.

Learn More about Investing in Horizon Aircraft

With over $2M already invested, the Horizon Aircraft team is on track to finish its working prototype within 2 years. Join our Series A round and be a part of a team that is creating a better future.